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  • Brazing to graphite furnace parts
  • Pipeline joining/dissimilar or clad materials
  • Pipeline cladding & repair
  • Dies / Rolls / Mold repairs
  • Conductors / Busses / Coils
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Graphite:Metal Conductors
  • C:C Composite Shafts and Seals
  • Ceramic: Metal joining - thermal protection & management
    - wear protection
    - chemical attack protection
  • Chemical/metallurgical refineries: reactors and related seals
  • Mixers/Blades
  • Hot Gas Nozzles
  • Aircraft & Aerospace Engine Components


WideGap Applications

The capabilities of WideGap were demonstrated in a NASA SBIR where the joining of graphite-based heating crucibles and the bonding of refractory composite (C:C and/or C:SiC) components used in government systems were successfully accomplished.

Other Significant Accomplishments Listed in This NASA SBIR:

Successfully demonstrated the joining of graphite to molybdenum and other refractory metals

Joined C:C to C:C and to refractory metals for possible use in rocket engines or processing furnaces

Developed a range of WideGap braze alloy compositions for service temperatures from 850 to 14500C

Demonstrated that WideGap braze preforms can economically join dissimilar materials for high temperature service

WideGap Joint Examples

Graphite WideGap™ (CuTiMo) joined to Mo

mlt16.jpg (8344 bytes)
WideGap™ (BNi5-Ti- SiC) graphite to TZMoly joint.

mlt17a.jpg (8508 bytes)
WideGap™ (BNi5-Ti- SiC) C:C to TZMoly joint.

mlt17b.jpg (14552 bytes)
WideGap™ (NiCr-Ti- Mo) graphite to TZMoly joint.

mlt18.jpg (11220 bytes)
WideGap™ (NiCr-Ti- Mo) C:C to TZMoly joint.

mlt19.jpg (12765 bytes)
WideGap™ (Cu-Ti-Mo) C:C to TZMoly joint.

mlt20.jpg (9566 bytes)

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