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Materials Resources International (MRi), an active solder and braze joining technology company, has announced a partnership with Matec Micro Electronics of Yardley, PA. Through the acquisition of a state-of-the-art Scanning Acoustic Microscope (SAM), one of the largest in the world, MRi adds high resolution, ultrasonic imaging services to complement its active solder and active brazing products and services.
Amplitude determines defect severity
  • How does SAM work
    The SAM uses a variety of ultrasonic transducers, with different frequencies (1 to 260MHz) and focal lengths, to find the optimal signal to penetrate the substrate and inspect your solder or braze joints.

  • What can SAM do
    The SAM is capable of detecting flaws as small as 5µm and resolving gaps as thin as 0.1µm. The acoustic microscope's immersion tank is one of the largest in the world, allowing for high-resolution inspection of parts over 22" x 40" in surface joining area. The 24" depth of the tank allows for easy inspection of large and awkwardly-shaped parts.
  • Why SAM imaging
    Quality control through non-destructive inspection is imperative for value-added parts. X-ray inspection does not resolve the size and depth detail of SAM and LP/MP methods only reveal surface defects. Acoustic microscopy can penetrate thick layers of solid material to inform you of your braze/solder joints' quality, before a premature failure informs your customer for you.

For more information, please contact Travis Nelson.



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