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S-Bond™ Joining

S-Bond™ is revolutionary new joining technology based on patented active solder alloys and processing methods. S-Bond™ alloys are lead-free with the advantages listed below. Its market potential lies in that it is a metallic joining compound that can join most inorganic materials in an economic, low temperature, one-step joining process. Market applications include the joining of thermal management devices due to high thermal conductivity, the joining electronic packages that are now utilizing new ceramics and composite materials, as well as a host of other joining applications where adhesives or conventional solders have not worked.

S-Bond™ joining is based on MRi's patented active solder technologies that encompass a range of active solder alloys and processing methods that activate the S-Bond™ alloys. S-Bond™ alloys join:

  · at low temperature (<450ºC) · without flux
  · in air · without metallization

The alloys are not conventional solders or brazes… but are active solder alloys that have reactive elements added that enable the molten solder to directly wet and bond to oxides and other ceramic-like substrates or layers that typically exist on many corrosion resistance metals, such as aluminum, titanium and/or stainless steels. These active solder alloys do not flow, therefore; techniques to distribute these solders are integrated into S-Bond™ methods. These techniques overcome the alloys' low capillary flow and prevent the molten solder from infiltrating interconnected porosity in foams that typically could absorb high capillary brazes and solders.

S-Bond™ has been shown to be able to join:

· all metals · most ceramics
· glasses · metal matrix composites

Refer to the appropriate sections of this website and contact us if you need additional information regarding your application. Also please see our Literature Download Center for additional product, technical and application information.

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