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S-Bond™ Joining Services

S-Bond™ joining requires specialized knowledge and equipment for joining. It is not a direct substitute for soldering. As such, MRi offers customers the option to purchase…

  • Demonstration and Test Parts
  • Pilot Production Services
  • Production Services

MRi's Development Center can join many materials and component configurations. Specialized tooling and/or specialized equipment may be required.

The Demonstration services are a good way to initiate a customer's S-Bond™ evaluation and test phase, reducing the learning curve effect and lowering a customer's initial investment. Pilot production services can get one started in production to fill the gap before S-Bond™ production capability is in-house or while a customer determines the actual production needs. Finally, as the production requirements are known, the customer could have MRi support its production joining needs.

Please contact us, or fill out the Inquiry Form to describe your needs. Once we know these needs, MRi will offer a S-Bond™ Joining Service proposal.

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S-Bond™ : Fluxless Low Temperature Joining
WideGap™ Joining : Powder Preform Technology for Joining Dissimilar Materials
BrazeCoatŪ : Metallurgically Bonded Carbide Coatings/Claddings

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