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BrazeCoat Technology

BrazeCoat technology involves a proprietary production facility and know how (developed over 10 years) for producing flexible mats with binders. In addition, there is significant technical expertise required in materials/metallurgical interactions and powder selections (powder scientifically selected and engineered e.g. specially sized, special surface conditions, special densities, sometimes made as a composite). This ability to make mats and slurries that hold together and can be formed to shape while maintaining integrity during vacuum furnace firing is essential to the BrazeCoat process.

This unique capability forms the underpinning of our know-how! The binders must hold the product together but vaporize at the right time during furnace firing and pass out of the furnace without causing contamination or buildup.

BrazeCoat is a registered trademark of Innobraze GmbH
   Email: innobraze@t-online.de


BrazeCoat Infiltrated Bonded Carbide Coatings

For Superior Wear Protection

Description of BrazeCoat

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BrazeCoat is a coating/cladding process that utilizes shape-formable, flexible sheets (mats) or sprayed on liquid slurries (suspensions) of carefully sized carbide articles mixed with small amounts of brazing materials and binding agents. The mats are placed or deposited on the items to be protected then brazed in place. The product is unique in that it provides a metallurgical bond; is tougher and has significantly higher and more uniformly distributed carbide (WC and/or Cr3C2) concentrations than welds or thermal sprayed coatings. The product thus yields longer life, better wear resistance and less down time than weld overlays or thermal spray.

BrazeCoat is a registered trademark of Innobraze GmbH

BrazeCoat produces thick wear resistant coatings, close to final contour, for protecting components whose surfaces are exposed to high abrasion and erosion wear conditions. By brazing under protective atmosphere, extremely hard compound layers are manufactured, which contain up to 70 vol.-% of fine grained carbide particles, embedded in a metallic matrix which are metallurgically bonded to the component surfaces.


BrazeCoat Advantages

Highly economical due to its extreme wear resistance which leads to:

Shortened machine down time

Longer time between maintenance and inspection

High reliability in service through:

Excellent bonding of the coating due to a metallurgical bond of the substrate

Homogenous coating structure

Low coating porosity

Process Versatility: The BrazeCoat process allows the coating of complex shaped parts economically, even in small batch sizes.


BrazeCoat Family of Products

BrazeCoat M

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With the BrazeCoat M-Process, flexible mats, consisting of carbide powders as well as of filler metal powders (e.g. NiCrBSi), bonded by a polymer binder, are placed onto the substrate, the filler metal layer on top of the carbide layer. After preparation, the assembly is heat treated in a furnace process at approx. 11000C (20100 F) under protective atmosphere. The carbide layer, thereby, is infiltrated by the molten filler metal in the same operation joined to the substrate to be coated. In the BrazeCoat M-process, the thickness of the resulting layers can be adjusted between 1mm (0.040 in.) to 3 mm (0.120)


BrazeCoat S

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With the BrazeCoat S-Process the surfaces of components are protected against severe wear by depositing a carbide/hardfacing alloy suspension, which is heat treated and fused in a vacuum or hydrogen furnace. The thickness of the resulting layers can be adjusted between 0.05 mm (0.002 in.) and 0.3mm (0.012 in.).

The coatings are well bonded and show a low porosity (<1%). The surface as coated is very smooth, and for most applications final machining can be avoided. Due to the high carbide content of the coating layer, hardness values of over 65 HRC are obtained. Wear tests, under laboratory conditions as with components under service conditions in the field, showed improved resistance against abrasive wear over nitrided, borided or thermally sprayed layers.



Getting Started With BrazeCoat

A family of BrazeCoat products (mat and suspensions) have been developed and are offered as standard products. However, significant know-how must be used to successfully apply the BrazeCoat . Technical issues such as substrate compatibility and thermal expansion characteristics must be understood to achieve satisfactory results.

To assure proper application is achieved, MRI processes inquiries in the following manner:

First, a 10-30 minute teleconference is held to educate the customer on the product and determine the specifics of the customers application and determine if BrazeCoat is a potential solution

Second, part drawings and written requirements, tooling, and environments are reviewed by MRI’s technical department.

Third, a written proposal with costs is submitted to the customer for consideration.

If special mats (not in our inventory) are required for unique applications, our team has the development experience and production facilities to fabricate different mats and firing protocols. However, a customized mat development program (which involves selection and optimization of powders and process parameters) requires up-front funding by the customer. NOTE: In certain custom mat programs, the development costs can be negotiated into the customers high volume purchase.

For more information on application specific or custom mat development programs contact:

Dr. Ron Smith @ 215-631-7111 or rsmith@materialsresources.com


Metallurgical Features

WC in NiCrBSi
WC/Cr3C2 in NiCrBSi
brazing dissimilar materials
T500c.tif (308064 bytes)

Comparative Erosion Tests

brazing dissimilar materials




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