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Getting Started With BrazeCoatā

A family of BrazeCoatā products (mat and suspensions) have been developed and are offered as standard products. However, significant know-how must be used to successfully apply the BrazeCoatā . Technical issues such as substrate compatibility and thermal expansion characteristics must be understood to achieve satisfactory results.

To assure proper application is achieved, MRI processes inquiries in the following manner:

First, a 10-30 minute teleconference is held to educate the customer on the product and determine the specifics of the customers application and determine if BrazeCoatā is a potential solution

Second, part drawings and written requirements, tooling, and environments are reviewed by MRI’s technical department.

Third, a written proposal with costs is submitted to the customer for consideration.

If special mats (not in our inventory) are required for unique applications, our team has the development experience and production facilities to fabricate different mats and firing protocols. However, a customized mat development program (which involves selection and optimization of powders and process parameters) requires up-front funding by the customer. NOTE: In certain custom mat programs, the development costs can be negotiated into the customers high volume purchase.

For more information on application specific or custom mat development programs contact:

Dr. Ron Smith @ 215-631-7111 or rsmith@materialsresources.com

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