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WideGap Joining: Powder Preform Techonology for Joining Dissimilar Materials
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MRi and Its Technology Partners

MRi has the experience and resources to meet your challenges in braze joining / soldering, braze surfacing and/or thermal spray materials technologies. Your problems are our opportunity to show you how resourceful we are. MRi’s develops and provides economical joining and surfacing solutions for its customers while advancing its technology with the assistance of its technology partners.

Partner organizations include; S-Bond Technologies LLC (Lansdale, PA) and Innobraze, GmbH (Esslingen, Germany). These companies add depth to MRi's joining technology capability. MRi also collaborates with many US national laboratories, including Sandia National Laboratory and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to advance its more basic materials and process technologies. MRi supplements the technology contribution of the network with its own R&D, funded in part by contracts with US government organization such as Missile Defense Agency, US Navy, the US Army Space and Missile Command, the Army Research and Development Command, and NASA.

Innobraze GmbH

An innovative brazing product company focusing on copper brazing pastes, infiltrated carbides for surfacing and braze preforms. Innobraze holds patents for the BrazeCoat® technology.

Fritz-Muller-Strasse 97
Esslingen, Germany
Tel: [49] 711-3154-7611
FAX: [49] 711-3154-7629
Email: innobraze@t-online.de

Drexel University

Drexel University is one of the premier materials engineering departments in the US. They offer full academic programs and materials R&D including thermal spray, powdered materials, ceramics, polymers and biomaterials. MRi utilizes the facilities and faculty at Drexel and has strong ties to the output of its innovative materials research. Dr. Ron Smith, President of MRi, is a past Research Faculty, and maintains close affiliations.

RWTH Aachen - Technical University of Aachen
Materials Science Institute (
Univ.-Prof. Dr. techn. E. Lugscheider)

The Materials Science Institute (MSI) is a research laboratory integrated into the faculty of engineering of Aachen University of Technology (RWTH). 4 R&D groups consisting of approximately 25 scientists supperted by about 30 non-scientific and student workers carry out research tasks from the following areas:

  • Arc- and EB-PVD
  • Brazing Technology
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Thermal Spraying


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S-Bond® : Fluxless Low Temperature Joining

WideGap™ Joining : Powder Preform Technology for Joining Dissimilar Materials

BrazeCoat® : Metallurgically Bonded Carbide Coatings/Claddings

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