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Materials Resources International (MRi)…

MRi technologies and products center on materials, systems and services for joining difficult to join materials, dissimilar metals, intermetallics, ceramics and ceramics to metals. Our S-Bond® active solders and WideGap™ braze perform products address many of the issues of joining dissimilar materials. The joining of such materials is a growing market with application in the electronics, aerospace, power generation, automotive, chemical processing and process machinery industry. MRi also extends its joining technology to include braze infiltrated wear protective coatings with  BrazeCoat® coating technology. This product and technology portfolio put MRi in a strong position to compete as a leading solder joining, brazing and surfacing company.

MRi…  Adapting Joining Technologies for Industry

MRi’s Innovative Products

S-Bond®– Active solder joining processes and patented alloys that permits fluxless, low temperature 250-420°C (480 to 7800 F), air joining of dissimilar metals, glass, ceramics composites and many other materials.

WideGap – a powder perform mat technology that permits high temperature brazing for joining dissimilar, refractory and/or refractory composite material.

BrazeCoat® – a carbide mat or suspension material that produces a thick near-contour, metallurgically bonded coating or cladding on surfaces with extreme abrasion / erosion protection.

MRi offers:

  • Materials (alloys, preforms, coated parts)
  • Service (joining or coating)
  • Equipment & Systems (bonding)

In addition to these innovative products, MRi’s engineers and material scientists are available for customer-funded research and development programs to address the specific solder or braze joining or braze coating needs. Refer to Inquiries for additional information on these products.

For more information on MRi’s technical services and new product developments contact:

Dr. Ron Smith at rsmith@materialsresources.com

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S-Bond® : Fluxless Low Temperature Joining

WideGap™ Joining : Powder Preform Technology for Joining Dissimilar Materials

BrazeCoat® : Metallurgically Bonded Carbide Coatings/Claddings

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